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April In Moscow

April Fox is very excited when the dance company she works for is invited to visit Moscow. April has a very busy time there - dancing and seeing as much of the city as possible. She also gets to know a young man called Nikolai...

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Blog Love

Junko is 17 and from Japan. She's learning English in London but she has no friends. Every day she goes to an internet café and writes her blog. There she meets the owner, Jeff Silk, and soon "Slow Boy" answers her blog. Now life isn't lonely. But who are Junko's true friends?

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Sleeping Beauty

The King and Queen are proud of their baby daughter, Princess Aurora, and they invite everyone to a party, including the Flower Fairies. But one of the fairies puts a curse on Aurora, and despite the King's precautions, on her sixteen birthday she meets an old lady in a tower in the castle...

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The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid lives in a magical, beautiful place at the bottom of the sea, but she wants to see what the world is like. When she visits it, she falls in love with a prince. What will the little mermaid have to do to be able to have a life in the world with the man she loves?

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