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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba's life changes on the day he sees forty thieves hiding their treasure in a secret cave and hears the thieves' leader say the words 'Open Sesame' to get into the cave. But before Ali and his family can enjoy the riches Ali finds there are many dangers he has to face...

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Bugaboo, the Wicked Witch

This is a story about a witch who is so stupid that she is actually harmless! However, she becomes extremely dangerous when a blow on her head turns her into a good witch... and there is nothing worse than a very stupid person who wants to do good, particularly if she's got magical powers!

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Nasreddin Ten Stories

Nasreddin does and says some very strange things. Why does he look for his key in the garden when he lost it in the house? Why does he want to weigh his cat? Why does he invite a beggar onto his roof? But perhaps Nasreddin is more clever than he seems!

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Puss in Boots

Daniel is a poor youngman who is in love with the beautiful Princess Caroline. To make matters worse, he lives in a village which is terrorised by an ogre. But Daniel's cat comes to the rescue, and finds a way of both getting rid of the ogre and bringing Daniel and the Princess together...

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Temporada de lluvias

A Celeste le gustan las cosas que huelen a otras cosas. Y las palabras con zeta, como regaliz. Y cazar nubes. Nubes de piratas, de animales, de naves espaciales... y de cualquier otra forma que pueda atrapar con su cámara. Pero cuando viaja con su padre a África descubre que solo hay nubes en temporada de lluvias, o eso es lo que dice Murunya, el niño masái que la sigue a todas partes... .

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