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The blind men and the elephant

Six blind men have learned about the world through sound and touch. When the prince gets an elephant, the men decide to go to the palace and touch it. They come up with such different impressions of what an elephant is like. They argue among themselves until the wise prince kindly tells them that they are all right, but that each man has felt only a part of the elephant. They just need to put their heads -- and all the parts -- together.

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The Canterville Ghost

Mr Hiram B. Otis and his family come from modern democratic America to live in old-fashioned England. They move into an old house in the middle of the countryside. As soon as they arrive, they hear a mysterious story about a ghost. Then, very strange things begin to happen. There is a bloodstain which changes colour. There are terrible noises in the night. Finally, Mr and Mrs Otis's only daughter, Virginia, disappears...

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The circus under the sea

Follow Danny the dolphin down to the circus under the sea and you'll find yourself in a boldly bright area with cupcakes and sodas galore. The sea creatures are arriving to fill the stands but something goes wrong. The stage lights are broken. Lucky for us, Eddy the Electric Eel shows up just in time to get things working again.

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The Colorful Garden

There was an empty garden in the middle of a forest. One day, spring breeze brought poppy seeds which dropped there. After a few days, small beautiful poppies appeared, filling the garden with colour and happiness, but the differences among them started to create some problems...

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