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Silly Milly

This delightful, rhyming easy reader is one big riddle. Miss Milly likes green but not red, butter but not bread, seeds but not flowers, and umbrellas but not showers. Readers are invited to guess why Miss Milly likes what she does.

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Sleeping Beauty

The King and Queen are proud of their baby daughter, Princess Aurora, and they invite everyone to a party, including the Flower Fairies. But one of the fairies puts a curse on Aurora, and despite the King's precautions, on her sixteen birthday she meets an old lady in a tower in the castle...

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Space Monsters

When Xonxella, a very polite but very hungry monster from the planet Xonx, appears in the middle of the night, life for Ella becomes both exciting and a worry! Join Ella while she rescues her cat, sees a Space-Mobile and meets Xonxella's mum and dad! Can all this be true?

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Peter Parker has lots of problems. He loves MJ, but he can't tell her. And his uncle Ben died because of him. But Peter Parker is also Spider-Man and he must save New York from the Green Goblin. Can he do it?

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