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Blog Love

Junko is 17 and from Japan. She's learning English in London but she has no friends. Every day she goes to an internet café and writes her blog. There she meets the owner, Jeff Silk, and soon "Slow Boy" answers her blog. Now life isn't lonely. But who are Junko's true friends?

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Bugaboo, the Wicked Witch

This is a story about a witch who is so stupid that she is actually harmless! However, she becomes extremely dangerous when a blow on her head turns her into a good witch... and there is nothing worse than a very stupid person who wants to do good, particularly if she's got magical powers!

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Christmas Fun

Christmas Fun with its beautiful illustrations, captures that typically 'English' Christmas atmosphere. Father Christmas introduces the children to Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer and his team. He organises an exciting football match between the Reindeer Rangers and the Polar Bear United Football Club.

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Poor Cinderella! She has to do all the housework, and her sisters won't take her to the ball! But thanks to a fairy godmother - and her pets! - she does go to the ball. There, the Prince falls in love with her, but will he find her again?

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