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Peter Pan

The Darling children's amazing adventure begins when Peter Pan flies into their nursery and whisks them off to his enchanted island, Neverland. There they meet Peter's friends, the Lost Boys. But James Hook, the cruel captain of the pirates, soon captures them. Can Peter Pan save them before Captain Hook makes them walk the plank?

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Photo Finish

When she has to get her passport photos taken quickly, Lisa never imagines for one moment what the consequences might be of her visit to the photo booth in the deserted bus station, or the mortal danger she is in.

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Polar animals

Fabulous photographs, eye-catching design, and simple rhyming text constitute this Level 1 reader about the fascinating lives of polar animals: polar bears, penguins, walruses, arctic foxes, seals, and more!

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Puss in Boots

Daniel is a poor youngman who is in love with the beautiful Princess Caroline. To make matters worse, he lives in a village which is terrorised by an ogre. But Daniel's cat comes to the rescue, and finds a way of both getting rid of the ogre and bringing Daniel and the Princess together...

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